Caricaturist for weddings and parties in South Wales

I first nurtured an interest in Caricature drawing back in the hazey days of school, Art was always my strongest subject, and I would sometimes spend a history or French lesson drawing the teachers rather than listening to them.

My career in art began at Carmarthen Art College educationally and ended in Birmingham University with a 2:1 BA Honours in Illustration, from there I lived in London for a while drawing editorial illustrations for the NME, some examples being BJORK, ( please see Gallery). So a spark of talent and a lot of practice honed my drawing skills considerably, and soon I was making a living from what I loved doing. My next step was to ‘Go Live’, and I projected my talents to the public so to speak, and before long I was drawing caricatures at Sir Richard Branson’s place ( not the Carribean Island one ), and various parties and corporate events from Swansea to London, and still do.

CARICATURE by the way, is the art of capturing a person’s character and likeness in an amusing and skillful way , it’s roots lie in Japan, and it is not the exaggeration of facial features to the point of non recognition as so many so called ‘caricaturists’ seem to do these days. So check out my Gallery, I will endeavour to keep it updated with new Caricature work and videos, and please give me a call if you would like to book me for your event.